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Too many people see pain, restriction and injuries as a normal part of life and getting old. As a result, we are passionate about changing this perception.

Have you been told the x-ray shows that there isn’t anything wrong, been given a list of exercises that don’t work, or been made to feel like the pain is in your head?

So have we.  And we don’t take those as answers. We’re here to tell you that you still have options, and improving your condition is possible.

We are on a mission to make Sports Massage more visible and accessible to everyone, as the name can be a little misleading – you don’t have to do any sports to benefit from Sports Massage. 

We are both recognised members of the Massage Training Institute, who hold high standards to ensure that all clients receive safe, regulated treatment.


I’m a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist, qualified in advanced dry needling, medical acupuncture and kinesiotaping. I use biomechanics alongside a combination of remedial, sports and holistic massage techniques with spinal mobilisation to achieve the desired result whether its injury rehabilitation, long-standing pain or movement restriction. To ensure prolonged and successful results, I supply all of my clients with bespoke remedial rehabilitation programmes to support permanent results.

I have a special interest in foot mechanics and running, occupational conditions and overcoming conditions caused by modern daily life, including emotional tension.


I am a Sports, Remedial and Swedish massage therapist, also qualified in cupping. I have an extensive history of working in the massage industry, including providing massage for athletes competing in the London Marathon. I hold a special interest in individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions, which have been left unresolved by the traditional medical approach as well as mental health challenges, anxiety, stress, and the physical effects that these can have on the body. I have an extensive sporting history including triathlon and long distance events, which help me work alongside individuals to prevent injury, and to recover from injury as quickly and efficiently as possible. My key interests are helping people to recover quicker from events and injury and to help with common complaints around chronic back, neck and shoulder pain supporting long term goals of improved tissue quality and musculoskeletal function. I am passionate about mental health, stress and anxiety and the physical effects this can have on our bodies. I support my clients with ongoing rehabilitation plans integrated into treatment to ensure long lasting and effective results.


I’m a qualified sports therapist with a passion for helping individuals reach their full potential.

My toolkit includes sports massage, rehabilitation, manual therapy, and mobilization techniques.

What truly drives me is my specific interest in rehabilitation, with a keen focus on strength and conditioning. I’m all about that “return to play” moment, empowering individuals to get back to normality stronger than ever.

In my journey as a sports therapist, l’ve honed my expertise in therapeutic ultrasound, interferential treatment, kinesio and sports tapirs, passive physiological movements, and muscle energy techniques. These skills enable me to provide comprehensive care and tailored treatment plans for every individual.

Beyond my love for sports, my knowledge runs deep as a musculoskeletal specialist. With a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology, I believe in approaching every case with a holistic understanding of biomechanics to bring about lasting results.
Moreover, my experience extends to working with para-athletes and individuals with additional needs.

I’m excited about collaborating with anyone needing some assistance, embarking on a journey of growth, healing, and success together.

We don’t believe in period poverty here at LWSMT. We’ve teamed up with Hey Girls – a not for profit organisation committed to ending period poverty. For every product purchased with them, they purchase one for a woman or girl in need in the UK. All of their products are environmentally friendly and responsible too! You can find a caddy in our treatment rooms and bathroom – so if you get caught short just help yourself! If you, or someone you know is having trouble accessing sanitary products, we’ll send you some on the house. Just message us in confidence with a postal address and any discretion requirements and we’ll hook you up!