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Hello everyone!
Ok, I’ve added additional measures which will be in place from Monday to help keep us and our loved ones safe from those pesky germs!

All non-essential items such as flyers, decorative, books, etc. Have been removed to reduce areas which are at risk of contamination and make it easier to anti bac all surfaces after each client.

I will follow you out and wipe all door handles after your exit.

I’ve spoken to my laundry company to increase the temperature at which all my linen is washed.

I will be using disposable, compostable, single use cups instead of glasses for your water.

The card machine will also be sanitised after every use.

Please note, if you would like to wash your hands before and after treatment you are very welcome to use the teal sink in my treatment room. Alternatively the bathroom is in the brown door to the left of the clinic, first door on the right.

Please bring hand sanitizer with you. There is some in my room for your use also.

Many of my clients are elderly, or will have elderly or high risk family members. Please practice your utmost vigilance with hygiene while visiting to protect us all.
As per usual, I ask you not to attend if you’re poorly.

Stay healthy, stay hydrated and stay safe!