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Do you still have a sore ankle in certain positions or after particular activities after twisting it a while ago?
Are you still limited in movement after an old shoulder injury or operation?
Does your hamstring still bother you and get stiff after sports following a bad tear?
Even though old injuries or previous operations may seem like a long time ago, you could still experience pain and discomfort due to scar tissue being left in that area.
Scar tissue is a completely normal part of healing. Scar tissue does however, only lay down in relation to the direction of force which is put on it.
…What does that mean!?
After an injury or operation, we’re usually in pain and are reluctant to move the area or put weight on it. As we put less movement and force through the area, the scar tissue will only lay down within the range of motion you use it.
When the injury seems to have healed and you want to get back to normal movement, the scar tissue doesn’t have that extended range and therefore can be painful or even re-tear to allow for that extended amount of movement.
Scar tissue is tough and so can be painful when it
begins to re-tear and some slight swelling may even occur.
In Sports & Remedial Massage, we are able to remodel that scar tissue and aid in the tissue forming in a neater and larger range of motion. This allows you to re-gain normal function of the area without the soreness, stiffness and pain.
Get in touch today to see how we can help you return to normality.