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My business won’t cost the earth

Sustainability and our planet, earth are hugely important topics at the moment – and so they should be!

If you’re anything like me, I actively chose to work with brands or buy products that are as ethical as possible and are conducive to being more sustainable in practice and having a reduced impact on the planet.
I wanted to share with you the ways I practice in my business to leave the smallest footprint on the planet that I can.
I want to make sure my business won’t cost the earth.
– My massage wax comes in 100% compostable and biodegradable cardboard pots instead of plastic
– My Massage wax is certified vegan and made entirely natural ingredients
– I do not use disposable face cradle covers or plastic wrapped couch roll, each client has a fresh reusable cotton face cradle cover and towel
– My laundry service is who use appliances with the latest water & energy saving technology, and line dry where possible along with only using Bio D detergent and fabric conditioner which is vegan and ethically sourced
– My business doesn’t require machines, or constantly running computers. My room is beautifully lit with natural light and requires minimal intermittent artificial lighting, meaning my electricity use is minimal.
My business is small, and my tools of trade are my hands. I won’t save the earth, but It could be so easy for me to flippantly turn a blind eye to a weekly plastic wrapper on couch roll and send a few extra carrier bags to land fill full of cradle covers. I could take an ignorance is bliss approach to my laundry service and chose a big industrial company with a huge carbon footprint. These small decisions I make add up to a much bigger picture.
Hopefully I can inspire other small business owners to look at the impact they’re having, and give you guys confidence in my practices.