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I had the great pleasure of joining Bristol Chiropractic Clinic at The Saltford Santa Dash!

We got talking with many participants – Santa’s big and small! The fire service and police which was a great pleasure!

The festivities and warm atmosphere was fantastic, it was great to be able join in such a fun day!

Chiropractic treatment and sports massage isn’t just for those times where you sustain in injury, but are also great ways to prevent injury in the first place!

Sports massage can be great pre-event to help warm your muscles, lubricate your joints and prepare you mentally! In addition a post-event massage can help you to relax, reduce muscular tightness and soreness by increasing blood flow and oxygen to necessary areas.

The friendly team at Bristol Chiropractic clinic can help prevent,manage and resolve a huge spectrum of pathologies. I am also available to be booked for treatment at the Bristol Chiropractic Clinic in Hanham* so that you can really benefit from well rounded treatment and maintenance for the whole you!

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Remember: The longer you ignore it – the longer it takes to resolve!

*Prices differ for treatments at BCC. Any clients already receiving chiropractic treatment from BCC must receive massage treatment from me at the Hanham clinic.