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Many of us have started the new year psyching ourselves up to get out in the rain for a run or down to the gym to work off the Christmas mince pies.

Exercise is now recognised as a tool to boost mental wellbeing, as well as physique – however many still make new year’s resolutions to get fit, hit the gym more, or shed some pounds.


Consistency is key with most new endeavors and fitness is no outlier.


So before you sign yourself up to every spin class or try for a 5k run every morning ask yourself is this sustainable?


Going from 0-100 straight away can be too much for your body to handle. Every year lots of new regimes don’t make it past January. Let’s try to make sure that you are mindfully integrating new plans so as to not overload your body before it’s even started.


Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of your fitness goals:

  1. Do your warm up and cool down – if you don’t have time for these then maybe rethink the length of your workout as to accommodate.

  2. If you feel you have overdone it and there are niggles, rest or seek a professional opinion (your local friendly massage therapist). It is much easier to reduce tension in a muscle than to recover from an injury.

  3. Getting regular massages! They decrease inflammation caused by exercise and improve circulation. This helps reduce muscle soreness and enhances nutrient absorption. Massage therapy also relieves stress and improves mental focus, leaving you relaxed and happy. Its mental benefits are well documented.

  4.  Be kind to yourself! Rome was not built in a day and you will likely not be at your end goal straight away. Patience and consistency is key to success.