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We need to talk.
Stop what you’re doing.
I don’t know who, when, or for the love of carbohydrates, WHY they started telling us that a persons age is indicative of how much pain they should quietly tolerate.

We need to stop normalising it.
Right this second.
I’m simply ? not ? having it.

This might surprise you, it’s quite shocking, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably. I have what appears to be a secret…your back isn’t actually supposed to hurt.
Neither are your knees.
Nor your neck.

Again, I don’t know who started the rumour that if something is achy or hurts it’s because of ‘your age.’
No, no it isn’t!!
Where’s the threshold?! What is the official age that says – can’t do anything about that. It’s old age.
I cannot tell you how many people under THIRTY (I. KNOW.) are even attributing a bad knee to their age! (Their age!!)

I’m not saying certain conditions aren’t more common in our older years, or that the body isn’t always going to function like a 19 year old. And sure, things take longer to get better as we age; but it doesn’t mean we submit and accept age as a reason just because some silly sausage, who knows when or where, made it a catchphrase.

“I’m just getting old” is NOT an official diagnosis. So know that you have options and go get a sports massage please!!