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It’s no secret my diary has been *slightly* maxed out as of late. I am absolutely flattered and forever grateful, but I know it’s not fantastic by way of service when you lovely lot want to get in for your preferred slot and not have to wait an age for it.

So first of all, thank you all for being patient and gentle with me and sticking around after lockdown.

And secondly, I have TWO bits of very exciting news to share:

? I’m currently in the recruitment process for another person. Don’t worry, I won’t be shipping you all off (you can’t get rid of me that easily)
I will be meticulous in who I pick and spend a long time training them to be…well…me, before I let their hands on anyone. This new person will take on brand new clients and be there for you guys when I have time off.
And it’s all about you! I’ll be involving my existing clients in choosing and getting feedback on this lucky new individual.

? I’m also going to be rebranding. You’ll have seen some of the lighter cosmetic work going on in the treatment room.
The overall branding, business values, aims and objectives will be coming over the next few months so keep an eye out for what’s in store.