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Ahh glute activation.
A term that regularly gets slung around in the sports and rehabilitation world.
Most people I see in a day often owe their problems to underactive and dysfunctional glutes.
The same exhausted sigh eludes from almost every client I mention glute activation to.
Most of you have been told countless times that you need to do glute activation, that you’ve been trying, been given the same exercises by multiple people but it doesn’t help.
Despite being able to squat tens of kilos, leg press the weight of your car and glute bridge a cow – you still get a little niggle in your knee or foot that stops you from doing the things you love.
So why is this?
Glute activation is little to do with how strong your glutes are, and more to do with brain training.
The type of glute activation you do needs to be relevant to the correct dysfunctional glute(s).
The time of day needs to be right.
And the amount you do needs to be in sync with the amount of sedentary activity you do each day.
Finally, I would say 99.9% of people I ask to show me do their glute activation exercises, don’t do them using their glutes at all – here is where the brain training comes in.

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