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“You just need to loose weight” and other such bullsugary! Shall we address it now?
I think we should address it now.
I can’t tell you how many (I could, but I lose count of nonsense) people walk through our doors who have been told that their pain, discomfort and restricted ability to move is caused by their weight, are refused any further help until they lose said weight and left feeling like they are utterly helpless and succumb to a life decreased in quality.
I am going to sit here from my little keyboard and shout as loud as I can to tell you not to listen!! You CAN do something about it, you DO have options and your weight does NOT define how much access you should get to musculoskeletal care.
Have you been told that your knee pain is because of your weight, following a complete disregard for anyone actually looking at or testing your knee?
Have you been asked your BMI or weight before asking how you got your injury?
Have you been told your back pain will miraculously disappear when you loose a couple of stone?
Have you been told to do more cardio to rid you of your stiff ankle, but can’t, because of your stiff ankle?
It’s more common than you think. Fat bias is on the rise, and individuals are being excluded from adequate musculoskeletal care because of the number on the scales.
You are not the only one, and you’re not alone in the battle.
And if you’ve ever been made to feel like you need to lose weight before you get a massage, we’ll help you go and tell whoever made you feel that way to piss off before helping you realise you absolutely do not, and giving you a lovely massage!
If any of the above rings true, come and chat to us. We don’t care how much you weigh, just that your pain goes away!