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Are you dealing with the pain and soreness of having an operation?
Having an operation such as a knee replacement or rotator cuff repair can have amazing results, but they do come with soft tissue damage and trauma.
Your post operative physio will help with this, but there may be scar tissue or hypertonic muscles causing you discomfort and restriction in your range and activity levels.
I’ve had success with a number of clients post operation, helping them increase activity and range, reduce discomfort and remodel pesky scar tissue.
In addition, massage can increase micro circulation to promote healing and reduce swelling.
If you’re awaiting an operation, or trying to increase the amount of time before you need one, you may still benefit as the muscles around the area will be working over time, becoming tight and achy.

of course, everyone is different so it might not work miracles for you. But if it reduces your pain levels, increases your activity or range of motion it’s worth a try…right?