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The hot topic on the table this month has been sciatica! Or ‘sciatica’ should I say!

I seem to have person after person hobbling into my room to have their tight shoulders treated?! After I wipe the quick look of shock off my face and ask why the limp, I have the same fed-up, worn down and defeated siging response “I’ve got sciatica – I’ve been told I just need to rest and it will go away and there’s nothing else I can do.” 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some very serious cases of disc herniation or ‘slipped disc’ which takes a lot of specialist care and treatment from people far more qualified than I.

Rest assured, if I ever suspect someone walking into my room has a slipped disc I will be marching you straight to those people!  But the majority of you DONT have a slipped disc, you’ve had sterling MRI results and x-rays and you’re still being diagnosed with sciatica and still being told to rest and wait. And when I say diagnosed; I don’t always mean by a doctor. Far too often, the well meaning forums on google, friends and family are where more and more of us are getting our diagnosis from these days.

So what’s the deal?!

After some quick tests and a chat I’m finding 9 times out of 10 you’re actually experiencing the sciatic like symptoms from piriformis syndrome. Your piriformis is a small muscle located in and amongst your glutes, or bum muscles!

It’s got a bit of a temperament at best, but the sciatic nerve runs right next to the piriformis, and in some people, the sciatic nerve actually runs through it. When the piriformis is in spasm or if it’s tight, it irritates the sciatic nerve causing the extreme discomfort you are feeling. Here is a great video

Piriformis syndrome can be really easily treated with remedial massage and prevented with some simple exercises, stretches and life adjustments. I can show you how to effectively access your piriformis using a foam roller & tennis ball!


So PLEEEAAASSEEE if you have sciatic symptoms get in touch! Piriformis syndrome can be very quickly resolved. For those of you who have disc herniation, I can’t unfortunately pop the disc back in, but I have several clients who benefit from short gentle sessions to help loosen the muscles around the herniated disc which may be causing pain due to being tight or in spasm, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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