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My Spinal Manipulation & Manipulation Traning

This week I embarked on a Spinal Manipulation and Mobilisation Course by Dr.John Gibbons as part of his Body Master series of master classes held at Oxford University Sport.

John Gibbons has been a huge influence in my learning for a long time, which all started with one of his books: “The Vital Glutes” I was thoroughly excited to be taught yet another skill to help treat my clients by someone I have already learned so much from.

Whilst I want to be completely transparent, this does not make me a chiropractor or anything remotely close, but it does help me, to help you, get more movement from your spine and your pelvis !

The lesson of appreciation…

What neither I, nor my colleagues of whom I had the pleasure of attending the course with expected was for it to be SO. HARD! He made it look so easy…it was not easy! I’m used to being manipulated on a bi-weekly basis and I have been completely taking for granted just how much skill is required in spinal manipulation!

So I had a fantastic time, I’ve learned a lot. I can’t wait to improve treatment and take it to the next level for all of you, and help move your biomechanics on to the next stage.

Now, as I mentioned before, it was a tough course and carrying out the manipulations are difficult – so I won’t be implementing this into my treatments until I’m happy with the standards and a LOT more practice! So watch this space! But please, if you’re one of the many people who just cannot stand the thought of spinal manipulation: don’t worry! I won’t be suddenly running around cracking spines left and right! This will be discussed as part of your treatment plan and ONLY if you’re happy with it!

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