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3 Reasons why you should take your clothes off in front of me before Christmas


Sports Massage Bristol

Since becoming a Massage Therapist, a large amount of people I now treat are friends or acquaintances that I haven’t seen for a number of years and they all say the same thing to me at the end… “I thought it would be really weird having to remove clothing, but it wasn’t a big deal at all!” Sports Massage Bristol 

…And it’s not!

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t let feelings of apprehension and embarrassment get in the way of having treatment!

Reason 1

I don’t just stand there and watch you get undressed! I will explain to you which items of clothing I need you to remove and WHY. I will leave the room to write up your notes,  knock, and wait for your go ahead before I come back in. Same goes for when you get dressed again!

I provide a blanket the size of a flat sheet for a double bed to cover yourself with; no dinky awkward towels that leave you at risk of revealing anything you don’t want to.

Reason 2

I dont care about your dimples, moles, unwelcome hairs, chipped nail varnish, calluses, extra bits of timber, scars or birth marks. My focus is somewhere else all together! I’m trying to breath at the same pace as you, keep my feet grounded, negotiate a safe posture for myself, navigate my way around your biomechanics and paint a picture of what’s going on way beneath your skin, just by what I’m feeling – whilst probably keeping up a dialogue with you! I might judge you and tell you off for spending too much time at a laptop, but I will never judge your body!

Reason 3

Life is stressful, Christmas is stressful. We take so much ownership for other people’s happiness at Christmas and don’t look after our own. We sacrifice and money crunch and time pinch to make sure Santa delivers to our loved ones on Christmas Day.  But you are IMPORTANT! Your health, sanity and comfort are important so make sure it remains a priority to make time for your treatment!

One final secret…Sports Massage Bristol 

you don’t have to take your clothes off at all. I can 100% do a full treatment through clothing and in-fact regularly  I do! So if you are really not someone who would consider removing clothing – it doesn’t matter!! You can still have a very productive treatment!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!

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