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My 3 favourite ways to stay pain free

Se here it is, my 3 favourite ways to stay pain free. As someone who helps a lot of people with their niggles, I often get asked how I manage to to stay pain free, and let me tell you, it isn’t just by chance…so here it is!

My first favourite way to stay pain free

It isn’t a magic pill, it isn’t something unheard of, it isn’t anything you wouldn’t have heard of before…it’s a gold old fashioned stretching session and a date with the foam roller…

so much pain, restriction and a lot of injuries are due to lack of simple maintenance! The less you move into a certain range or position; the less you’re going to be able to move easily. It’s that simple. Your body is a constantly adapting system and the less you move, the less it will allow you to move and gives time for that pesky fascia to build up.

For a fantastically whimsical video to put this into perspective please watch this video. You won’t be disappointed. But, please be aware a real cadaver is used.

secondly, as much as it isn’t pretty – making friends with the foam roller is a good way to increase blood flow, remove waste from muscles and help to release trigger points.

Now be warned, there are a lot of dodgey videos on YouTube on how to foam roll…so please, if you aren’t sure, book in a mobility session with me and I’ll show you the ropes!

My second favourite way to stay pain free

I can already feel how many of you are going to want to punch me in the face with this next answer, especially around Christmas…but my second favourite way to stay pain free is exercise!

Exercise and movement hold so many more benefits than just burning calories and getting the heart rate up. It contributes to improving bone density, lung capacity increase and muscular endurance. As well as the general benefits, you can target specific areas to strengthen such as the glutes and core to help with back pain, or shoulders to counteract the effects of being sat at a computer all day.


My third favourite way to stay pain free

you probably guessed that at least one of my favourite ways to stay pain free is to have a sports or remedial massage on a regular basis. There are areas that I suffer with more than others, such as my forearms so I make sure that I keep on top of it rather than waiting for them to start hurting. It also helps injury prevention! Not only that, but it means I get to swap best practice with fellow therapists…this morning I had an amazing spine mobilising massage from one of my most recent classmates! 

How can I help?

No matter what sort of niggles or restriction you’re suffering with, from not being able to reach the top kitchen cupboards, to having a sore back at the end of the day get in touch today for a free consultation to see how I can help.

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