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I think it’s time we addressed the apologies that are far too frequent for my liking.
I want to say it loud and clear for the people at the back; WE DON’T CARE, WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.

On a daily basis I hear;
– Sorry I haven’t shaved my legs/pits
– Sorry I haven’t painted my nails
– Sorry I have ugly feet
– Sorry about the fat / I wanted to loose weight before I got in touch
– Sorry I haven’t done my make up
– Sorry I look a scruff
– Sorry I haven’t done my hair/make up
– I don’t know if I warrant a sports massage, because I don’t do any sports.

It makes my blood boil that the manual therapy comes with such alienating connotations because of the title ‘Sports Massage’
You don’t need to do regular sports, or any at all, ever, in your whole life to deserve sports massage.
You don’t need to look a certain way, or have a certain body type to deserve sports massage.

Your weight, shape, length of leg hair, nail colour, or clothes make absolutely no difference to how we do our job. You could have a tattoo saying I’m the worst massage therapist in the world across your back and I wouldn’t notice because I’m far more focussed on what’s going on underneath.

Haven’t shaved your legs today? Neither have I.
Not uncommon for me to turn up to have my own massage in my pyjamas.
Have I brushed my hair today? Probably not.
Am I an athlete? Not in the slightest.

The only thing you would ever need to apologise for, is being an asshole ?