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Although we are Sports Massage Therapists, did you know that we have a collective special interest in trauma and mental health?
Sports Massage holds a misleading title, which understandably gives the impression that you have to be involved in sport to benefit.
But this is not at all true!
When we are subjected to trauma and stress, be it long term or a single event, our bodies react as well as our brain.
Trauma can replay in our minds and show up in day to day activities and interactions trapping us in the past and replaying the event.
Our minds and bodies are connected, you may feel the fear, anxiety, stress or pain long after the event.
Stress, anxiety and depression can take us out of our body and the present moment with racing thoughts, distraction, or even a total shut down of being able to think or feel at all.
Bringing ourselves back into our body and the present moment can help interrupt the loop of constantly being caught up in our thoughts and being triggered by past events.
A helpful method of this is being aware of our 5 senses; Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear and See.
Massage is an effective way to stimulate all of these senses; feel the touch of the therapist, smell the delicious essential oils of our massage mediums and diffused aromatherapy oils, hear the soothing music, see the beautiful decorations in our massage rooms…and taste…well…possibly less desirable…the top of your mouth or backs of your teeth unless you have a pretty tasty snack before you come!
Massage helps to bring attention to the areas that you’re holding on to tension, and works to help you process and relieve it.
Massage releases happy chemicals in your body, and allows you time in our ever so busy and stressful lives to be still and looked after.
We are always here to talk to confidentially, or just give you the space and time to be quiet with yourself and enjoy the relief